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MP3 of The Day: "El Cisne Blanco" off Rumberos de la 8's Self-Titled Debut

Cover art by Charlie Rosario
​We're nearly a week into 2010 and thus far no cubaneo? Well, I simply can't abide that. And neither should you. Which is exactly why Crossfade's hooking you up with a track straight off Rumberos de la 8's self-titled debut. Technically, los Rumberos' members hail from both Cuba and Puerto Rico. But that rumba sound is undeniably Cuban. And besides, we're all practically cousins anyway! With its roots planted firmly in the Afro tradition, and recorded and mixed by none other than DJ Le Spam, that certain...let's call it ochimini... is most definitely present.

The record, which was recorded in City of Progress Studios in North Miami is the first analog rumba recording out of Miami in 20 years. Tracks like "Oddié," "Descarga 8," "Ave Maria Morena" and this little gem, titled "El Cisne Blanco," pop with the Rumberos' mastery of Latin percussion and ooze Caribbean soul. The album was recently released digitally, but the record won't drop until the 28th. You definitely want to check this out. And you can also catch them live weekly at their residency at Hoy Como Ayer with Spam Allstars

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