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MP3 Of the Day: "False Confidence" by Rimsky

Rimsky and his live band
Besides being a metal head and a member of the semi-slumbering Miami-based rock juggernaut Humbert, Rimsky Pons makes his own sweet music, self described as "power-pop for the working class."  For those of you familiar with Humbert's body of work, and Mr Pons's place in it, you are already expecting sugary sweet pop tunes with snarky, smart lyrics commenting on the best and worst and most difficult bits about relationships. Your expectations will be more than fulfilled, but, unlike many sugary treats, these musical calories are not empty.  They satisfy the inner desires for pop music in a way that brings up the tired, worn-out, old, almost annoying at this point, reflection: "Why isn't this guy on the radio/MTV/world tour?" If not an international venture, Pons is at the very least doing an East Coast jaunt up to Brooklyn, starting a string of almost 10 straight dates at the Vagabond on Friday July 3.  Not to gush too much, but this guy's material is top notch stuff. 

Mr. Pons has graciously given us "False Confidence," off of his EP Defend the Castle
for perusal and download and enjoyment. It's fairly awesome.

Follow the jump for the download link, and for a video for "the Sting."

MP3: Rimsky - "False Confidence"

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