MP3 of the Day from the Axe and the Oak, Playing Electric Pickle on Thursday

Axe and The oak Pickle2.jpg
​For a while there, I was completely convinced that the young men of the Axe and the Oak would waste away in the studio, eternally tinkering with the production of their forthcoming debut album. And then, I recently got word that the album is, indeed, ready to go! This track, "Dancing on the Grave of Jack the Ripper" should give you a good feel for what's coming. Think a little Kimone, a touch of Joan of Arc.... I'm feeling some of the better parts of the Promise Ring and for some reason I'm also getting some Saul Williams.

The track does a good job of conveying eeriness and paranoia but it's deeply rooted in that old time rock and roll fun. Great production levels here too -- the instruments are crisp and the rhythm section of Myles (bass) and Fernando (drums) creates a good base for Sander's vocals and guitar work. Check them out Thursday night at the Electric Pickle where they'll be performing for a film crew from WLRN.

The Axe and the Oak. Thursday, February 25. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Show starts at 10 p.m., admission is free. 305-456-5613;

MP3: The Axe and the Oak - "Dancing on the Grave of Jack the Ripper"

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