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MP3 of the Day: "Imma Zoe / Imma Chico Remix" by THC Crew

​This remix of Black Dada's "Imma Zoe" comes courtesy of UB the Underboss from the THC crew. The song is called "Imma Chico," and it calls for Latinos all over Miami-Dade County, South Florida, and the world to stand up.

Here's UB's message that we received by e-mail with the track: "Get ready for Calle Ocho 2010!!! Chicos & Zoes 2gether gettin' paper!!! Can you see the vision??? Let me know what you all think!!! Hollaaaa!!!"

The standout on the track is the Boss Lady Destinee. Damn, she can sing. UB's rocking the autotune, and the the third artist on the track, well we didn't get any info on who he is, but he did his thing too.

Get the download link after the jump.


Visit or for more info.

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Jacob Katel