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MP3 of the Day: "Pain" by Iggy Pop, Getting His Face on Sweat-y Tees This Saturday at the Awarehouse

​The final, frenzied countdown to party time has begun. In exactly three days, the Magic City's most discerning club rats -- and fanatical apparel collectors -- will swarm the Awarehouse for Saturday's Sweat X Iggy Pop T-Shirt Release. (If you haven't yet RSVP-ed, get on the list right now. Note: You still owe $10 at the door.) The Jacuzzi Boys will be there and Awesome New Republic will be there and you'll be there ... Right? 

Most importantly though, the court is gonna be commanded by everybody's favorite transplanted Miamian, Jimmy Osterberg, the King Stooge himself. Thus, today's offering of pirated musical plunder is a new-ish tune by the Iggster, entitled "Pain," pulled straight from the tracklist of the ill-fated David Lynch/Dangermouse/Sparklehouse book and CD project, Dark Night of the Soul. (The thing was half-killed by evil corporate greedheads. But thankfully, the internets are always there to resurrect the casualties of capitalism.) So download away, this song is a profound nugget of goofy genius -- "I'm a mix of god and monkey!" -- that will undoubtedly get you started on the road to preparedness for party time with Mr. Pop. 

Saturday, August 22. The Awarehouse, 559 NW 29th St., Miami. Event runs from 8 p.m. to midnight. Admission costs $10. All ages. 305-342-0953;

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