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MP3 of the Day: Pretty Please - "Sugarcane"

Drummer Juan Oña returns to the South Florida music scene with his latest endeavor, Pretty Please. While I am not sure as to who comprises the band currently other than Oña, Didi Aragon performs vocals and guitar, Bavie Grafals does vocals and Ana Farina MacKliff fiddles the bass with added voice. Bianca Pupo is apparently no longer affiliated with Pretty Please after an amicable split.

Given my intimate knowledge of Oña's past work with the Brand, I always felt like a) he's an eternal tinkerer and b) there's something more than just punk edged power-pop here. On this track, they turn the sexy on high with some punk cabaret that borders on the baroque and gypsy and with the gentle coos of "pretty please" comes off being a little more hard-on inducing than danceable, lest of course, you are comfortable dancing with that going on.

Which I am, there's nothing wrong with that. Yum! Oh wait, that must be the sugarcane... Here's a link to another MP3 from our Miami edition.

MP3: Pretty Please - "Sugarcane"

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