MP3 of the Day: Rachmannanoff - "Never Made it to the Casket"

​It's been a while since I'd heard from reclusive producer/instrumentalist Harmonix. Yup, last time his work graced my stereo was way back in 2008 when he dropped the space-jazz, crunk-flavored and New Wave savvy Instrumentals, Volume 1. And this track here has a funny story, seems like he was trying to do things the old school way and get some production samples into the hands of The Clipse at last year's Sneaker Pimps event and was turned down in a storm of tactful legalese. Undeterred and with the same cheeky sense of humor that opens this MP3 (it's a sample from Seinfeld, in case you can't tell) he decided to re-christen this track "Never Made it to the Casket" in honor of The Clipse's '09 album, 'Til the Casket Drops. Under the Kool Keith-like guise of Rachmannanoff, he's putting the final touches onto an upcoming album, so MCs out there might wanna get in contact with him if eclectic minimalism and quirky notes interest you. I dig it.


MP3: Rachmannanoff - "Never Made it to the Casket"

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