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MP3 of the Day: Remembering Never - "Time Eraser"

Remembering Never is a five-piece hardcore/metal band that's been making a racket in Fort Lauderdale now for a number of years with the requisite personnel issues and stop-and-go schedules, but I'm happy to report that they are gearing for an upcoming album and this MP3 is solid proof that nothing's been tempered in their camp. Clocking in at almost five minutes you'd almost expect some soft breakdown of chunky bass and cute guitars with clean vocals endangering our attention spans, but fear not, the track smolders from beginning to end.

But it isn't all aggression, there are some clean vocals thrown in there amidst the fracas of growls and serious riffage. Alex Leon was kind enough to answer some questions for us recently and this return to serious form foreshadows what I hope will be more activity from this outfit. Like I was told (or rather, suggested I do and I forward the same recommendation), play it loud!

MP3: Remembering Never - "Time Eraser"

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Abel Folgar