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MP3 of the Day: "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate -- Yes, There's a South Florida Connection

Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate can't really be blamed for the tearful bombast behind today's biggest-selling emo bands. Still, a direct line can be drawn from the band's '94 debut, Diary, to indie label Deep Elm's 11-volume set of compilations called The Emo Diaries, which ran from 1997-2007. And in the annals of emo -- and in the interviews of the form's platinum progeny -- it is Diary that's gone down as the sound's defining moment.

That's probably why Sub Pop chose to reissue the legendary slab, and to add on a couple bonus tracks for good measure. It's also probably why the label has chosen to re-release SDRE's second offering, the commonly called LP2, and they've tossed on a couple extra tracks there too. But the biggest news about this highly influential outfit concerns their new second reunion. 

Previous breakups saw two members (Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith) go on to help form Foo Fighters, another (Jeremy Enigk) get born again and go solo, and the singer (Dan Hoerner) collide with Florida's own Chris Carrabba, for '02's So Impossible EP ("a companion piece" to Dashboard Confessional's Summer's Kiss).

Unfortunately, SDRE's concomitant reunion tour won't be making it to our stretch of the States, so we'll have to content ourselves with the songs. Here, from Diary, is "Seven," and it is unquestionably one of their best. 

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