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MP3 of the Day: "Sorrow" by Jim Wurster

Jim Wurster is one of the best almost-kept secrets of the South Florida singer-songwriter world, a leading light of a micro-scene that revolves around small venues like the Luna Star Cafe. While his artist bio may be given to, shall we say, hyperbole, this much is true: Once upon a time, Wurster fronted the very popular local rock act Black Janet. A dreamy, dark quintet, Black Janet combined some of the atmospherics of 4AD-type bands, the murder-ballad stylings of Nick Cave, and even a little bit of Smiths-style (or maybe, early-R.E.M.-style) jangle. In other words, Black Janet was really good stuff, and Jim Wurster was responsible for writing a large chunk of it.

When he split from Black Janet after six years with that band, Wurster took a different musical tack, focusing instead on rootsier rock. It's just as interesting, and carries on from his previous band a distinctly tart, melancholic thread.

Wurster's last full-length, 2007's Hallelujah, was a mostly acoustic affair that stood in contrast to the rocking sounds of his previous album, Wake Up! A new one is due out soon, though, produced by Jack Shawde.

Here's a track from that forthcoming album. It's called "Sorrow" and features sweet male-female harmonies. Visit Jim Wurster's official web site and Myspace page for updates on the album and upcoming live appearances.

MP3: Jim Wurster - "Sorrow"

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