MP3 of the Day: "Stampede" by Rebel

via myspace.com/rebelstation
​Miami trio Rebel has one of those band names that's maddening to Google. Luckily, New Times summed up everything you need to know about this Anglophilic trio in a recent feature. In short, it's been a long road to the band's current sound. The threesome, who trace their own roots back to the Dominican Republic, have gone through a revolving-door of side players and a smorgasbord of various rock sounds.

With the core line-up, now, of Migue on vocals/guitar/keys, Carlos Jorge on bass, and A.J. on drums, Rebel has finally reached its desired sonic formula. Forget the Caribbean heritage -- this is straight-up northern Brit-style stuff, with a glam-rock swagger and a touch of psychedelia. Here's a rough mix of one of the band's best songs, "Stampede," meant for its upcoming EP. I recommend it for fans of bands like Kasabian.

MP3: Rebel - "Stampede"

(Local musicians, if you want to share an MP3 on the blog, e-mail me here.)

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