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MP3 of the Day: "Static" Demo by People From Venus

People From Venus is one of the most under - the - radar quality local acts, but that should change soon with the late-summer release of the band's debut album. I waxed ecstatically about them not too long ago on this blog, but suffice it to say their songwriting boasts an Anglophilic pop polish not often seen around these parts. Frontman Paul Isaac has a versatile instrument in that throat of his, and the band's forays into production wizardry updates the old spaced-out vibe of early Seventies British glam.

The band's been hitting the studio late night lately to finish up its sessions, and the tracks will be sent to New York for a mix-down in July.

In the meantime, since Isaac is a sharing sort of fella, he's passed

along this demo version of the band's song "Static." It's a slower one

-- maybe almost a ballad, with lyrics like "Are you alone in your

bed?"  But with the crush of twiddled knobs and pushed buttons, the

band's still managed to make the song sound like a transmission from

outer space.

People From Venus next plays South Florida on July 17 at the Vagabond. For updates visit the band's official web site or MySpace page.

Here's a link to the song... (It's the band's hosted link, so any complains about Mediafire, take it up with them.)

MP3: People From Venus - "Static" demo

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