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MP3 of the Day: "Status" by Dark Party (Eliot Lipp and Leo 123), Playing This Saturday at White Room

Some DJs wear their influences on T-shirts; others shout 'em out from the rooftops. Then there are the spinners who allow their influences to speak for themselves, in every loop, sample, edit, and beat. Not loudly, or blatantly, or garishly, mind you. But with a keen, cool discretion, so that it's not so much about "name that tune" as it is about "feel that thrill."

Such are the spinners known as Dark Party. It's a tag team, consisting of Eliot Lipp and Leo 123, who just happen to be two of the swiftest DJs now working the post-electro boogie circuit.

Lipp you probably know, because back in '04 he broke via Eastern Developments, a prestigious label launched by a coterie of players, including Scott Herrin (otherwise known as Prefuse 73). That first Lipp LP, S/T, led to a series of Hefty releases, among them '06's four-sided Steele Street Scraps, a one-off on Mush in '08 (The Outside).

Then came a consequent onslaught on Lipp's own Old Tacoma imprint, the first of which was the single "Beamrider," taken from Peace Love Weed 3D, the spin-pin's sixth longplayer in five quick years.


123 is no slouch either, and according to Dark Party's press sheet he's

"produced for MCs like Subtitle, and No Can Do, collaborated/remixed

with John Hughes, Vyle and STS9, while also releasing some of his own

productions on [both] Mush and Old Tacoma Records."

But it's

Dark Party that we're concerned with here, a collaboration so funky

fresh it'll have you doing a whole new electric boogaloo. The twosome

has already been credited with a noted list of remixes, for the likes

of Daedelus, Duopandamix, Labwaste, and Retina.IT.

And they've staged

alongside such luminaries as Gaslamp Killer, Skream, Edit and

Bassnectar. But it was with '08's Ghostly Swim contribution ("Active") that

the world truly began taking notice of the front-and-center side

project. And it is with that in mind that we await Dark Party's swing

into Miami.

Here, for you, is "Status", taken from Dark Party's upcoming Light Years. Listen in and consider yourself learned.

MP3: Dark Party - "Status"


Party. Saturday, July 25. Poplife at White Room, 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m., admission is $10.,

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