Anthony and Zachary Dewar
Anthony and Zachary Dewar

MP3 of the Day: The Dewars - "Pedophile Pete"

The Dewars are a magical set of twins who make hazy songs that are so dreamy and good and sometimes tucked in between Leonard Cohen covers when played live. Anthony Dewar was awesome enough to email me "Pedophile Pete," off their EP Songs from the Neverglades.

It's told from the perspective of a fictitious pedophile who might not be all that horrible. Its phantasmic opening is like the entrance into the underworld of the man's creepiness, before it becomes a sad bluesy jam about his frustration. The boys elaborated on this for me themselves:

"He's a good fella' to grab a beer with, though his secret dark desires

lay deeply beneath his surface and haunt him at night.  I believe the

chord progression is the vehicle into the neighborhood's eerie truths

and hidden gossip.  The song is on one hand a confession of statutory

love from a neighborhood loner named Pete and, on the other hand, is the

fear-filled nursery rhyme that the rest of the neighbor hood sings (in

reality or in Pete's head)." 

The song took a few years to write

but, given its content, this worked out nicely: "We wrote the chorus

when we were about fifteen but the verse and rest of the song was

written when we were the eighteen-year-old band down the street, so we

had a taste of both the girl and Pete's perspectives."

The best

part: They're working on a video for it.

MP3 Download: The Dewars -

Pedophile Pete


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