MP3 of the Day: "Thin Line" by Graveyard, Playing Culture Room with ASG and CKY on July 28

photo by Amanda Milius
Graveyard first played in South Florida a few months ago, opening for Clutch and the Sword at Culture Room. A quick scan of the crowd showed I wasn't the only one floored by these Swedes' straight-up vintage-sounding, heavy psych onslaught. Well, maybe that crushing feeling was partly a result of the crazy Orange stacks the band was borrowing from the Sword, but still.

While this foursome hails from Gothenburg, their sound has zilch to do with the so-called "Gothenburg sound" of bands like In Flames, or with their country's extreme metal scene. Sure, Graveyard is heavy, but they dial back a few decades to heavy music's earliest days, when it was still largely bluesy rock and roll.

Throw one of their songs on a mix among tracks by classic acts like Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, and maybe even early Sabbath, and a casual listener would mistake it for some lost nugget of the period. That's a high compliment, really. Much heavy music these days lacks a certain soul, and Graveyard has brought that back through an obviously heartfelt, really Scandinavian dedication to its craft.

After the jump, get the band's Culture Room show details, and a track from the band's new album.

The self-titled disc is out now on the Queens-based label Tee Pee Records, home to all

kinds of awesome psychedelic, sludgy mush from bands like Brian

Jonestown Massacre, High on Fire, and Sleep. 

MP3: Graveyard - "The Thin Line"

Graveyard, with Fall From Grace, ASG, and CKY. Tuesday, July 28. Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Ft. Lauderdale. Show starts at 7:30 p.m., tickets cost $14.99. 954-564-1074;


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