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MP3: Protoman Unveils Plans for Kids' Album With "Get Tucked Up"

Word on the playground is, FTLien rapper and proud father Protoman has announced plans to release a children's album. Inspired by a lack of songs not including excessive cursing or fictitious plots to murder prostitutes to play for his daughter, Proto recently penned "Get Tucked Up" -- a kid hop (short for kiddie hip-hop) heater for young'uns to get hype to before lights out. Though perhaps a little to amped up for actual bedtime, the song is a PG remake of the 2001 club anthem "Get Fucked Up" by Miami rap group the Iconz (a song you shouldn't be playing for the kids anytime soon).

Proto touches on all the important issues here like "peeing before bedtime," "trading gum," and "staying princess'd up" in a way that's entertaining for parents and kids alike. While it's not quite as edgy as say the just released Samuel L. Jackson narrated adult/child's audiobook, "Go the [email protected]#k to Sleep," it still shits all over Raffi and Kidz Bop. So don't sleep on this rap dad's bedtime anthem for crunk kiddies -- grab some PJs, a sippy cup and your favorite stuffed animal and "Get Tucked Up."

Protoman also has a regular mixtape dropping soon titled I'm Very Proud of My Accomplishments Megamix 2.  Check the ghetto fabulous Pen & Pixel-style cover art here.

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Jasper Delaini