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MP3: Sea Things' "Mind's Eye"

​​We hadn't heard from Sea Things in a minute, so we took matters into our own hands and emailed Michael Floering himself. Turns out he's been quite busy.

We completely missed the release of his EP, Jaws, which, he explains, marks "the end of an era... The era of intentional hyperbole in my music." Different things are coming, but we'll take the hyperbolic, hyped, overhyped nature of every track on Jaws to hold us over till then.

While each song is a trip through glitchy, blissful time portals, "Mind's Eye" is aptly titled, assuming that what you saw through your mind's eye was yourself suspended in a world of strange color where eight-bit creatures shot gumballs at you. 

Next, in this mind's eye, you would journey over videogame mountains to find the source of your heart's happiness: a glowing crystal. Piano keys spaz out and then take you flying to the quick, cathartic release of synth at the end. In-between, everything is layered and cartoonish. The accompanying video, cut up from a VHS tape called Beyond the Mind's Eye, the title of the following track on the EP, couldn't fit the song better.

Be sure to download Jaws for free over at Sea Things' BandCamp, and check out more happenings on his Tumblr.

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Monica Uszerowicz