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MP3: Suede Dudes' "I'm JL's Son"; Get Your Suede Dudes Album Updates in Real-Time

We hope you went to at least one of the recent string of shows where Suede Dudes made an appearance: the drone-y, surfy, and multitalented dudes (Dudes?) are taking a break from playing live. This winter, they turn their goals inward, indoors -- as their kind ought to, if literary history is true [editors' note: I am writing this from a cold climate.] -- to record a full-length.

And you, dear listener, get to hear it all. According to band founder Bryan Adams, they'll be uploading each track to the Suede Dudes tumblr as it's recorded. 

"Right now we're in the middle of demoing songs for a full-length. However, it's gonna be all transparent. Every demo we write goes up on our tumblr, no matter how bad the song may be, et cetera. Right now there's like four or five relatively new demos on our tumblr, or you can check my SoundCloud," Adams said.

This see-all project is still a work in progress, but if the posted song below is a solid indication of what's to come, we're willing to wait. Check out everything else on their SoundCloud.

Bonus: Bryan's collaborations with buddy Lauren Layden sound like the music blaring from the radio on your boat in 1967; you're wearing a red one-piece bathing suit and drawing hearts around a picture of your favorite Beach Boy. Once you get to his SoundCloud, be sure to listen to their song "Build." 

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Monica Uszerowicz