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MP3: Sumsun's "Sing for Me" Is a Big Bag of Chill

The temperature has dropped in many parts of the country, and a deep chill has taken hold. Luckily Judson Rogers, AKA Sumsun, has provided us with a song that provides much encouragement to keep moving before the freeze sets in. While we may not experience cold weather in South Florida, we can still set the vibe to "chill" thanks to Rogers' newest original, "Sing for Me."

In a genre he calls "Husky Music," Sumsun's crystal-eyed focus reveals an ability to satiate an animalistic appetite for atmospheric beats. A gliding intro leads into a gentle glistening of notes dancing together like electro-ambient snowflakes, each unique and landing perfectly where they should in a soft blanket of sound. Listen below and see if your instincts feel right about this one.

  Sing for Me by Sumsun


You can download the song for free here, where you'll see a promise from Rogers containing two simple words that really make us sing: "more soon." Rogers tells us that he'll be in West Palm until May and is planning on playing "lots of shows." He also reports that "Sing for Me" was left over from an upcoming 12-inch album to be put out by Halo Cyan Records in the new year.

Until then, a little cold-weather survival advice from us at New Times: Keep moving to keep warm. While we can think of many movements to help you keep from going numb, we're pretty sure Rogers would appreciate if you began with clicking the "download" and "share" buttons.

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Monica McGivern