MP3: Surfer Blood Covers The Adventures of Pete & Pete Theme

Surfer Blood pays homage to one of the raddest cult TV shows of the mid-'90s with a giddy cover of Polaris' "Hey Sandy." The song, and much of Polaris' material, is best-known through the portal of Nickelodeon's 1993-1996 comedy series The Adventures of Pete & Pete, which hosted tons of musical guest stars like Michael Stipe, Debbie Harry, LL Cool J, New York Doll David Johansen, Violent Femme Gordon Gano, Juliana Hatfield, B-52 Kate Pierson, and, of course, series regular Iggy Pop. This continues the West Palm Beach band's tendency to cover songs old enough to drive, such as the Pixies' "Gigantic" and Pavement's "Box Elder."

If you don't like it, bite my neck hair.

Download: Surfer Blood "Hey Sandy" (Polaris Cover) (Note: Surfer Blood provided fans with that link on their Twitter but it's not working.)

Check out a video of Surfer Blood playing "Hey Sandy" in London.

Fact 1: Polaris' Spot "Scott" Boutier (drums) and Dave McCaffrey (bass) have pitched in for Pixie frontman Frank Black and his backing band the Catholics. Lots more on the Polaris alums at singer Mark Mulcahy's site.

Fact 2: The Adventures of Pete & Pete reruns will return on TeenNick later this year. Doubtful that they'll incorporate Surfer Blood's version of the song, but not impossible!

Here's the original theme:

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