MP3: The Goddamn Hustle's "Summer's Over Brah"

Everyone around South Florida is feeling the big temperature drop right now, and Glimpses of the South Florida scene alums the Goddamn Hustle's new song is exactly the type of melody that might make cuddling for warmth a reality. One of their most polished recordings to date, the song was recorded at Sunflower Studios in Hollywood, and was mastered by Young Circles/Blonds singer Jordy Asher, according to our recent interview with frontman Ashley Reda.

It's a safe bet that "Summer's Over Brah" will figure into the Pavement-loving

band's set tonight at Poor House in Fort Lauderdale. The easy-flowing

track is reminiscent of Tokyo Police Club's smoothing over of the

Stroke's downtown rock sound, and certainly shows the band's most polished work to date.

This is reportedly the first to be teased

out from The Goddamn Hustle Ruined My Life, and there'll be another one added each week, according to a post on the band's Facebook page. Reda sings of having a "sweet tooth for you sweetheart," and getting a similar feeling about the song on the whole is inevitable. Give it a spin, and get out to Poor House tonight.

Summers Over Brah by TheGoddamnHustle

The Goddamn Hustle. With Suede Dudes & Bonnet People. Friday, January 6 at Poor House, 110 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Click here.

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