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MP3: The Gun Hoes Put a "Tribal Tattoo" on Your Ear

Regardless of your personal level of inkedness, it would be an impossibility to ignore the widespread tattoo culture of South Florida. Skin is a commodity to show off and scope out, and for many, this means adding a little (or a lot!) of permanent personal flair. On a recent song, Hollywood garage-rock duo the Gun Hoes decided to focus on one style of body art that will be forever linked with Mike Tyson's face, the tribal tattoo!

It's easy to get into the Gun Hoes' speedy delivery of two-chord punk, especially if you find yourself pining for the vintage Jacuzzi Boys or all of the infectious Jay Reatard stuff needs a rest. "Tribal Tattoo" is little more than a repeated assertion that said skin enhancements are strongly desired, but it still serves as a quality introduction into Gabe Miranda and Anthony Hernandez's "gung ho" attitude about lo-fi rock that clocks in at about two minutes per song.   

The song in question is from the guys' "Ain't Gotta" single, which was released recently via their Bandcamp page.

A self-titled full-length album also resides there. A couple of upcoming shows, which should be entertaining based upon the Hoes' showing at Respectable Street's recent anniversary party, include:

The Gun Hoes at Death to the Sun. Full lineup here. Saturday, September 24, at Snooze Theatre, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. No cover. Click here.

The Gun Hoes. With Suede Dudes, Anthropologists of Nosy Mangable. Thursday, November 10, at Green Room, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Click here.

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