MP3: Under Every Green Tree - "I Still Miss Someone" (Johnny Cash Cover)

Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone" has traveled plenty since it was first recorded as the b-side for the almost equally forlorn "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" back in the late '50s. The song about never getting over someone with blue eyes will forever be linked to Cash's legacy, but it has found new life in a wide range of new performers.

Many within and outside the country establishment have tried their luck, and those who have a new idea to insert seem to come out with the best versions. One to add to the bizarre duet by Cash and Bob Dylan, a lovely rendition by Emmylou Harris and Elvis Costello, and Stevie Nicks' take -- which drifts oceans away from the original, but is nothing less than reverent.

All local country-folk act Under Every Green Tree's Danny Brunjes needed was an acoustic guitar and bathroom tiles providing a nice echo for a stirring rendition.

Recorded on his phone in the time it took for you to write a few text messages, Brunjes

taps into the wanting, the melancholy, and the loneliness of the 53-year-old lines. "I wonder if she's sorry," he sings with woe. She damn well better be.

Under Every Green Tree - I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash Cover) by countygrind

Johnny Cash's original version of "I Still Miss Someone"

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