MP3: Weird Wives Cover Prince's "When Doves Cry" on Third EP

While much of the universe was trying to figure out if Sunday night's Lost finale was written (spoiler alert!) before or after the BP oil leak in the gulf, Surfer Blood members and friends Weird Wives uncorked a third EP at their blog (the first two EPs are here and here). Although guitarist Thomas Fekete had mentioned that Best Coast's "So Gone" is part of this 7-inch recording, the only two tracks featured here are "Sativa Diva" and "When Doves Cri," (obviously, sic) a pretty venomous cover of Prince's classic.

Meanwhile, we pray that the image above featuring the members of

Weird Wives depicted as, well, weird wives, will end up as cover

art somewhere. The art, originally

posted on the excellent South Florida blog Amateur Depression, was

created by the Dewars'

Anthony Dewar. Of his creation, he writes: "There are eight thousand

seven hundred and thirty two dots in this. I had to do it cause I know

that's Marcos's favorite number. This by the way is every normal wife's

nightmare and my best dream." Our only question: where is fifth member Allison Grabenhorst?


MP3s of the third Weird Wives EP here.

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