MP3: Wild Flag's "Glass Tambourine"

Last March, riot grrrl dreams came true when Sleater-Kinney musicians Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss revealed they were working together again. In the fall, the duo, joined by Mary Timony (Helium)

and Rebecca Cole (The Minders), announced the birth of Wild Flag, an all-girl quartet.

After several months of having to rely strictly on live show video footage to get a listen to Wild Flag material, the heavily anticipated wait is finally over. This morning on NPR, Wild Flag released its first official studio recording for the track "Glass Tambourine."

"'Glass Tambourine' is a song that exemplifies a lot of why I love being

in Wild Flag," Carrie Brownstein told NPR's All Songs Considered.


starts off as a warped pop song and then veers into something more

psychedelic. There are melodies, harmonies, and then a fair amount of

chaos. For this very reason, it's one of our favorite songs to play

live. There is an improvisational aspect at the end, and we rarely know

what's going to happen."

On April 16, in celebration of Record Store Day, Wild

Flag will release a seven-inch vinyl, and its full album is due out in

early fall.

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