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MP3s of the Day from Mendacity, Playing Churchill's Tonight

​It's been a slow summer for the Miami quartet Mendacity, whose last show was this past March, and in Orlando, to boot, at that city's stop of the Taste of Chaos tour. A few months' break is no big deal for this long-running band, though -- the foursome came together all the way back in 1994 as a pretty straightforward death metal band.

From 1995 to 2008, the group released just three proper full-length albums, but that was still enough to trace a shift in Mendacity's sound. These days, the essential death metal growls, and the overall chilling mood remain, but the band's sound has become much cleaner, often opting for melody over brutality. And they'll celebrate the latest evolution of their sound tonight, when they play Churchill's and debut a new promo CD. All attendees tonight get a free copy, but if you can't make it, hit the jump for some free tracks.

The band has kindly shared three of the promo CD's four tracks, which show a firm grasp of various points on the metal spectrum. Take "Left

Behind," for instance. The first 45 seconds or so sound like fairly

straightforward, heavy melodic rock -- and then come the vocals, and an

abrupt switch into growling, extreme territory. The song flip-flops

back and forth like that, with melody coming back in the form of a

singing second vocalist, creating an interesting tension between the

dark and not-as-dark.

Always fast, loud, and full-on, Mendacity's sound is technically on-point and polished, with an intriguing stylistic experimentation that bears further experimenting. Those interested in this sunny town's small but passionate metal underbelly would do well to check out Mendacity's show at Churchill's tonight.

MP3: Mendacity - "Left Behind"

MP3: Mendacity - "Immortality Faded"

MP3: Mendacity - "My Desperation"

Mendacity, Dark Solace, As the World Weeps, Behold the Ruins, and Slaughter the Weak. Thursday, July 30. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. 305-757-1807;

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