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Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers

Hollywood's Mr. Entertainment (Mr. E, for short) is known for his exuberant, sometimes bizarre, and always fun live performances. On Loiter, Mr. E's revolving cast of musicians — known mostly as the Pookiesmackers — consists mainly of Mark Zolezzi (drums and vocals), Johnny Mahone (guitars and keyboards), and Brandon "B-dog" Samdahl (bass). The result is a pleasant rock 'n' roll romp full of frivolity, fun, and psychedelia.

Loiter finds Mr. Entertainment in top neo-vaudevillian form and features a cavalcade of local musicians. The disk opens with "Can You Tell Me How to Get to...," a happy-go-lucky ode to 1926 Funston St. (where Loiter was recorded) with Secret PE Club's Emma Trelles and Roscoe Beefcurtain adding some vocals and saxophone, respectively. The album twists and turns, pausing for a standout take on the playground classic "Diarrhea" (yes, that song), which features Timmy Put of Los Canadians fame on bass ukulele. Mr. E's rough-edged baritone leads the listener into Bizarro World on the odd soundscape "Henry in the Fireplace." That song is quickly followed by the 49-second Zappa-esque sing-along "Little Anna Know-It-All," which segues into a heavy psych-guitar extravaganza, "East Coast Railway" (featuring SoFla expatriate Bobby Robot of Austin's Baby Robots). Loiter draws its inspiration from wine, women, and recreational drug use, not to mention a twisted but amicable sense of humor that'll leave the listener with a comfortable aftertaste... in the ear, of course.

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D. Sirianni