MTV's House of Style Returns; Five Best Musical Fashion Moments From the Archives

MTV might not be bringing back hours of endless music videos -- you know, 'cause that would make sense -- but it is revitalizing the once-popular '90s series House of Style. Did you know that the show that showed us how to dress like riot grrrls and tough Sporty Spice was on for 11 years? How time flies and fashions change.

Kicking things off will be a launch of an online archive full of video clips. MTV caters to our nostalgic side by releasing the documentary House of Style: Music, Models, and TV on August 7. And finally, on September 6, at the MTV Video Music Awards, the network will announce the new host for the series relaunch.

As we take a few guesses at who the lucky person will be -- one of the Geldof sisters, Charlotte Free, or maybe Kelly Osbourne -- take a look at our favorite videos featuring an X-Girl, a Beastie Boy, and some spicy ladies from the House of Style archive.

5. Episode 52: Gwen Stefani
First of all, only Gwen Stefani could look cute and stylish while working out. What are her secrets? We're still dying to know after watching the latest video from No Doubt. We swear she's found the Fountain of Youth.

Gotta love her humble persona, "I'm just like a loser from Anaheim. I didn't even think this album [Tragic Kingdom] would come out." Oh, OK, Gwen. Fast-forward a decade and we're all on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if there will be a tour following this new record's release. But we do have to give her a little bit of a hard time for wearing red lipstick at the gym.

4. Episode 1: Salt-N-Pepa 
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What better way to kick off a new series than with hip-hop fashion icons Salt-N-Pepa? The trio of women shows off the "dopest designers" to viewers. Um, can we just discuss that first ensemble? They looked like a bunch of flamenco dancers. And that dance montage had us rolling on the floor. Followed by the "Are you the funky girl in the office?" asks S-N-P. Oh no. We're still wondering how they put those ladies into such ridiculous outfits.

3. Episode 31: X-Girl Streetwear
In 1994, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon debuted her clothing company, X-Girl, with a DIY guerrilla-style fashion show in the middle of SoHo. In the clip, watch for a young Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze and a few other familiar faces. Partnered with designer Daisy Von Worth, the ladies gave '90s gals an assortment of A-Line skirts and sporty T's that we all wish we never got rid of. However, we could have done without that bubble jacket that Kim Gordon is sporting throughout the fashion show. Someone call Joan Rivers.

2. Episode 32: Valentine Day Shopping With Beastie Boy Ad-Rock
Before shacking up with our favorite riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna, Beastie Boy Ad-Rock was married to actress Ione Skye. Snooze. But in this cute episode -- one that starts off with host Cindy Crawford wearing a strange lingerie ensemble -- he joins filmmaker Zoe Cassavetes for a little V-Day shopping. Did your hearts skip a beat like ours? Swoon!

1. Episode 56: Pat Smear Goes Shopping With the Spice Girls 
Pat Smear with the Spice Girls? How in the world did MTV ever think of throwing this combination together? Apparently Smear was a close friend of Cindy Crawford's and appeared on the show regularly. Totally random, right? The Spice Girls and Pat Smear head to '90s favorite shopping spot Contempo Casuals to gossip and pick out some of the decade's hottest fashions. 

Spoiler alert: The ladies put women's underwear on Pat. Guess it's an upgrade from that pink turtleneck he's sporting.

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