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Murderous Rampage

Much about the overall aesthetic of new Fort Lauderdale favorite Murderous Rampage can be gleaned from the band's new video, for its song "Programmed to Kill." The stars therein are topless zombie chicks who are way more brutal than Jenna Jameson (no matter how much Nietzsche she reads). They don't strip; they just want to kill you. Or maybe just kill their creator (think The Terminator), played by MR frontman and horror aficionado Tommy Newman.

The "Programmed to Kill" video starts off with a sleepy Newman dozing off amid his many life-sized zombie mannequins. (Creating the undead mannequins is actually a real-life hobby of Newman's; he has them throughout his house.) The protagonist dreams he's being chased by three of his bloody, half-naked, come-to-life creations, and therefore attempts to flee. But the zombies are just too damned clever. Not-much-of-a-spoiler alert: There's a shower scene! Pushed on by fist-pumping choruses, gutteral, shouting vocals, straight metal riffs, special effects, and the never-satisfied thirst of the undead, both the video and the song are as brutal and artful as you can get on no budget.

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Erica K. Landau

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