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Muscles' "Girl Crazy Go" Video Is Out; Hide the Reddi-Wip

One of the more innocuous moments of "Girl Crazy Go."
Australian scuzzy dance outfit Muscles has always had a strange relationship with the party atmosphere his music can't help but cultivate. Although his 2007 album, Guns Babes Lemonade, has a magnificent Italo disco sheen, many of the lyrics seem to hold a level of contempt for its dancing participants -- aside from the "peace, love, ecstasy, unity, respect" chant, "Sweaty" proclaims snarkily "I'm getting tired and I'm sweaty, but I'd still wanna touch you if you let me." 

Watching this Beaufort-directed clip for new single "Girl Crazy Go" quells none of these inner arguments. With seven barely legal young women (each one wearing one letter of M-u-s-c-l-e-s somewhere) unleashed sans responsible adults in Tokyo, it's a mix of whippets and hostile pillow fights, bottle rockets and piles of pills, drinking out of bowling balls and a lot of outcomes from a night of hard partying that'll give Mama nightmares -- certainly nothing that might happen in South Florida. The song itself, the first from Muscles' forthcoming Younger & Immature EP, ratchets up the distress and tension with the "take two. steps. back." refrain but still is devilishly infectious. Watch the NSFW and somewhat stomach-turning results below.

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