Music Newsletter: Fall of Olympus CD-Release Party at Respectable Street Tonight

Trusted scribe Alex Rendon puts out a rock-solid music email newsletter for New Times Broward-Palm Beach every week that you can sign up for right here. Here's one stimulating entry from this week's edition:

Pantera-loving thrash quartet Fall of Olympus' self-titled debut album is now available in physical form. To celebrate this crowning achievement, this West Palm Beach guitar-bashing, guttural-growling band is throwing a CD-release party tonight at Respectable Street.

The free show will take place in the patio area of the club. Copies of this menacing musical assault will be on sale for $10, and $15 snags a Fall of Olympus T-shirt and a copy of the CD. Hey, considering the drink prices -- $1.50 well drinks until midnight and $1.50 Miller High Life -- it's not like fans are going to need all that many ducats to catch a buzz. Hopefully, the band will execute its version of Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings" -- a cover that actually does justice to the original.

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