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Music Theory

Though its former home was Christian-tinged emo label Tooth and Nail, it'd be naive to call the Juliana Theory Christian rock. Like other bands that have capably blurred the lines between secular and religious -- from pop-punkers MxPx to angst-ridden Floridian upstarts Further Seems Forever -- Pennsylvania's Juliana Theory handily separates church and state with music inspired by Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, and U2. The Pennsylvania five-piece took the indie course through four releases from its 1997 inception, then signed to Epic for 2002's major-label debut, Love. Once a part-time indulgence for singer/guitarist/programmer Brett Detar, who spent his days in metalcore outfit Zao, the Juliana Theory took on full-time status with his poppier, more experimental explorations. The Theory's music is ambitious, bombastic, and all over the map, melding hardcore, prog-rock, and hip-hop elements in a positive presentation. It's not quite seventh heaven, but with five like-minded bands on the bill, this show comes close.

Juliana Theory brings some rapture at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 13, at Spanky's, 500 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Opening bands are Zao, Open Hand, Sinai Beach, and The Takeover UK. Tickets cost $12. All ages welcome. Call 561-832-7964.

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Kiran Aditham

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