Musical Message to Gay-Hating Ugandan Politicians

Oh man, this one's been going on slightly unchecked since 2008, and it just keeps getting more stunning! Recently, Rebecca Kadaga, the current speaker of parliament in Uganda, declared that the her country's Anti-Homosexuality bill, better known as the "Kill Gays Bill" will pass as a Christmas "gift" to the Ugandan people. Whoa! This is progressive thinking, my friends, straight out of the Idi Amin school of thought!

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Of course, there's some extreme backpedaling and spinning coming out of the Ugandan government with some super convoluted explanations concerning how the bill is meant to take effect, but this is the same country that just a couple of years ago printed the names and addresses of suspected (suspected!) homosexuals. There's a petition going against the bill that you can sign here.

Now let's be the first to say what we know is on your mind: This is so fucking assbackwards! We are first and foremost, a music blog, so we present the Ugandan people with the alternative Christmas gift of openly gay musicians, so that a little music in their hearts may soften their stance on the issue.

5. Sliimy - "Wake Up"

French, we understand the colonial implications of that, but we're going for gay here.

4. Zebra Katz - "Hunter"
Zebra Katz

 is fierce. Like a wild New York deli fierce and on the hunt for you.

3. Judas Priest - "Breaking the Law"

Go ahead and pass your little bill. Rob and the

Judas Priest

boys will be there to break it!

2. Cazwell - "Rice and Beans"

See? Why don't you think like


l and worry more about feeding your population?

Elton John - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

We close with the OG queer,

Sir Elton John

and the wonderful Miss Piggy showing the world the power of love.

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