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Musician's Discount Center is a South Dade Vinyl Goldmine

Musician's Discount Center can seem like it's half way to Key West if you live in downtown Miami, Cuba if you're in NMB, or Argentina if you're in Broward, but for Cutler Ridge, West Kendall, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Florida City, and the whole Down South, the store is pretty much just down the street. Actually, since it's on US1, technically the store is also right down the street from New York.

Besides buying and selling musical instruments, giving lessons, and moving pro audio gear, the store is a veritable vinyl goldmine. Among all the double copies of REO Speedwagon records you're sure to find something you like that you might not find anywhere else. Real crate diggers and Ebay monsters could have a field day here. They've been open since 1987 and are still going strong.

Musicians Discount Center
19405 S Dixie Highway, Miami

Here are some more amusing album covers we found just by scratching the surface.

Five 8balls and a carton of cigarettes later...
The newest designer wearable orange maxi pad.
Greatest hits 2?
You couldn't handle that shit on strong acid.
Now that's what I call music prequel.
Fucking America.
For your grandma.
The coolest dude on wax.
She shore dont look like no virgin.
Get drunk, write graffiti, pass out on the wall.
Better to be pissed off than pissed on.
And more where that came from.

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Jacob Katel

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