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MyTalkingTinder Profile Restores Faith in the Internet

The Internet is so many things: A glorious tool for the transfer of information and ideas? Certainly. The greatest facilitator of communication humanity has ever created? Maybe. But so often, the Internet becomes a digitized version of the ooze river from Ghost Busters II -- a flowing concentration of humanity's narcissism, anger, and negative emotions surging directly into our collective psyche through screens in everywhere. However, despite its myriad constructive uses, it has also developed into an overwhelmingly useful implement for getting laid. And then sometimes, someone brilliant comes along and takes your desperation and turns it into something incredibly genius like MyTalkingTinder. Click on.

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Far removed from the awkward chatrooms of dialup's past, Tinder is the latest and greatest device for getting laid without having to actually meet the person first. For those unfamiliar, think of it as the app version of your thoughts after 7 beers. Dancing is too much work, successfully navigating the subtleties of modern courtship becomes impossible, and you're left with last ditch efforts to figure out if he or she is game to bang or simply tolerating you.

Tinder removes all of this from the equation. It's essentially a profile picture that gives you the option to "swipe right" if you think the person is attractive or left is not. The person must then return the swipe before you can further interact, essentially removing the guess work while exacerbating all of your most narcissistic thoughts as it puts you on the fast track to Sexville.

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