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Nectar at the Seminole Casino — Coconut Creek

The Seminole Hard Rock set the bar pretty high with clubs like Spirits, Passion, and Pangaea. Now, casinos that want to offer a nightlife alternative will have to work hard to exceed the new standard. Seminole Casino — Coconut Creek is taking its best shot with Nectar, a nightclub in the mold of these massive celebrations of corporate excess — except not so excessive (only 3,000 square feet). Nectar is a martini bar/party lounge complete with a 250-square-foot stage that rises behind the bar area like a pedestal for acts such as freestyle legends TKA, who performed there last week. A hanging ceiling illuminated by blue and red sconces reflects shades of purple like a surreal midnight sky, or at least you may perceive it that way if you've had enough martinis. And why not down a few top-shelf martinis in between gaming — indulging in all things ultrachic is the best way to enjoy Nectar. And I mean no exaggeration when I say ultrachic. Chic is even written on the menu, which looks like something out of the Da Vinci Code. In it, you'll find a long list of drinks. Make sure to fill your belly before the drinking begins, because the menu is made up solely of libations. Something you will find on the menu is Kate's Godiva High Martini, which is worth the diabetic coma. While incapacitated, enjoy the '80s pop rock and the modernist blocks of red behind the stage. You might even successfully flirt with the pretty girls behind the bar, who are genuinely nice and, on a slow night, will stop their incessant cleaning behind the ever-spotless granite top to say hi. Patrons for this bar range from college boys in polos and hunting caps to cute older women who look like grandmothers. Let's just call them GILFs. They come in and knock a few back while scouting which machines are ripe for the taking, then get on with their games of chance. No reason to linger at a bar when you're only one slot-machine pull away from wealth.
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Bryan Falla