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Neil Young Cover Show! Five Awesome Neil Covers (and Bonus Crazy Horse Live Footage)

Forget the flu. This autumn, the germ du jour is Neil Young Fever. The highly esteemed classic-rock singer/songwriter is fucking everywhere. Festivals, New York TimesNew York Times magazine, on NPR, and, believe it or not, in Delray Beach.

OK, that last one isn't entirely true. Young will not be appearing in Delray. But his music will, courtesy of a tribute set by Palm Beach County covers musician Jason Colannino, whose repertoire also includes Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon, and James Taylor.

Neil Mania 2k12 does not come without good reason. Young and his beloved backing band, Crazy Horse -- who recently released the all-traditional folk album Americana -- are about to drop their second record of the year, Psychedelic Pill.

For complete info on the upcoming Neil Young Tribute and some more Neil-related content, check the jump.

5. Rachel Goodrich - "Tell Me Why"

Let's kick things off with a little local flavor. Rachel Goodrich's rendition of "Tell Me Why" centers around the singer's signature coy whisper and cleverly rearranged vocal melodies.

4. Of Montreal - "Harvest Moon"

These days, Of Montreal falls somewhere between "indie pop" band and Broadway musical adaptation of 54. But this beautifully spare cover of "Harvest Moon" harks back to the band's early acoustic material and is a beautifully faithful rendition that makes its own mark on the song.

3. Built to Spill - "Cortez the Killer"

Speaking of "indie" anything, Neil Young invented it. All of it. OK, he didn't invent punk, but he did sing about Johnny Rotten on Rust Never Sleeps.

2. Pearl Jam - "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World"

This video is so ridiculously '90s that we're able to put down the Haterade -- Pearl Jam sucks, and this is Neil's worst single -- and appreciate some mud-caked knuckleheads pogoing in a field.

1. Nicolette Larson - "Lotta Love"

Larson and Young go back to Neil's Harvest album, on which Nicolette was part of a huge ensemble cast of players. Her take on this cut from Comes a Time is bigger than the original. One might even argue it's the definitive rendition.

Bonus: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - "Psychedelic Pill"/"Mr. Soul"
Goddamn it! Neil Young and Crazy Horse are old as shit, but they still kick more ass than 90 percent of the Dubstep Macbook Pros and assorted other Butt Music specialists they've been playing alongside recently at various festivals like Red Rocks (video above).

Give us the pill, Neil! We're ready!!

A Tribute to Neil Young, a benefit concert for the Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation, with Jason Colannino, at 8 p.m. Friday, October 5, at the Crest Theatre at Old School Square, 51 N. Swinton Ave, Delray Beach. Tickets cost $25 and are available through

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