Nelly's Tour Bus Drug Bust: How Much Heroin Is in "36 Small Bags"?

The internet has been straight-up shitting its already caked pantaloons over the latest Texas tour-bus drug bust, this time featuring rapper/actor Nelly.

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The twist? Alongside the usual firearms (a loaded .45 caliber pistol) and giant bags of weed (ten pounds!), police also found -- gulp -- "36 small bags of heroin." 

Our first instinct was to compose a list of what Nelly could have spent his money on instead of all that boy.

But County Grind don't dabble with dope. Aside from the occasional breakfast-time whippit, we are substance-free. So to complete our calculations, we turned to an expert to figure out just how much black tar this tour bus was carrying. 

"Smack is measured out differently in different states," our anonymous expert told us.

"Down here, you get 'fingers,' which are 3 gram bundles. Bundles are ten dollars. Each bag is generally 0.1 grams. If you buy a bundle, you usually get a deal."

Our consultant concluded that "36 small bags" probably constituted one individual's personal stash, probably amounting to something like $10. $165.

So, the answer to the question, "What could Nelly (and/or His Entourage) have spent their money on?" no longer requires a list because your last ten hundred and fifty smackers should clearly be spent on you and your friends at an Indian buffet.

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