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Neon Trees - Revolution Live - August 10

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Neon Trees
with 21 Pilots and Walk the Moon
Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale
August 10

Better than: Spending the night reading Nylon Magazine

Hailing from Provo, Utah, Neon Trees are quite possibly one of the most infectious acts of 2012. Two years ago, the band caught some serious attention from the music industry following hype surrounding the breakout single, "Animal." With the release of its brand new album Picture Show, Neon Trees are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

On Friday night, the band brought its addictive power pop sound to a sold out crowd at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale.

Opening the set with the instrumental intro, the heavy "Moving in the Dark," seamlessly brought up the energy in the room. In an instant, the audience went from being stagnant to overdrive. It was pure insanity. The mere sight of singer and keyboardist Tyler Glenn appearing from the dark got the packed room screaming and shouting.

Sporting a bleached out Billy Idol look, dressed in tight leather pants, shimmering Doc Martens, and a studded blazer, frontman Glenn is a fireball. He's an onstage force not to be reckoned with. It's clear that Glenn was born to play the role of glam rocker, evoking the feel of early Bowie mixed with a hint of Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson. Backed by bassist Branden Campbell, guitarist Chris Allen, and fill-in

drummer John Buckner -- Elaine Bradley is on maternity leave -- the quartet has a way of paying homage to the '80s without coming off like a cheesy prom band. 

"I'm happy to be alive tonight Fort Lauderdale!" screamed Glenn. "Are

you ready to have a very hot and very sweaty good time? If you're not,


From the looks on the crowd's faces, and their already sweat soaked clothing, nobody was going nowhere. As the band ripped through a rendition of its anthemic track "1983," the people were high on the drug of Neon Trees with no intention of kicking their addiction. The slender singer gyrated his hips like Elvis to the beat, swinging his neon yellow microphone around like a helicopter. The crowd was wild when he crouched over them during the many call and response style sing-a-longs. Their songs are catchy as fuck, and provides for contagious participation from the concert-goers.   

But, despite the band's rock star style and upbeat dance-y sound, the Neon Trees music is packed full of themes that touch on struggling with one's identity. The song "Teenage Sounds" laments modern day society's desire to seek out fame, while "Sins of my Youth" deals with personal insecurities. Rotating tracks from both Picture Show and Habits, the band delivered a fast-spaced set, never skipping a beat or having a dull moment. From the first note to the climax of "Animal," and the encore that featured new single, "Everybody Talks," the dynamic energy was constant. Diehard fan or casual listener, there is no doubt that everyone in attendance woke up the next morning with at least one song stuck on repeat in their head.   

Critic's Notebook:

The Crowd: A girl with the most glorious hot pink and yellow double mohawk, a ton of tweenagers toting glow sticks, and lots of folks adorned in face paint.

Pet Peeve: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, put your damn cellphones away. Learn to be in the moment and experience the concert. Nobody cares about the half-assed iPhone video that you're going to upload to YouTube. And if you want a photo to prove to Instagram that you're at the show, take a few and then enjoy the show. I promise you don't need an entire video or 20 plus photos. 

Personal Bias: Singer Tyler Glenn has flawless style, and I love him for it. 

Random Thought: I wish Neon Trees emerged during the days of electroclash. I'd like to see a collaboration between them and Peaches.
Set List

Moving in the Dark
Teenage Sounds
Sins of my Youth
Mad Love
Your Surrender
Lessons in Love
Love and Affection
In the Next Room

I am the DJ
Everybody Talks

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