Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn: "Everyone Can Live How They Want to Live"

Neon Trees quickly transitioned from a band with one radio hit to a sensation that demands our full attention. As their fan base grows, so does the strength of their songwriting and the frequency of costume changes. And with so many people looking, the little band with a big sound from Provo, Utah, puts the spotlight on a host of issues, including embracing their Mormonism and sticking to their faith while living life as rock stars on the road. Religious beliefs not only serve as a foundation for the band; they also made it especially newsworthy when lead singer Tyler Glenn announced something very personal this April.

Glenn is a figurehead in Provo and the surrounding small, homogeneous Mormon towns. After hitting the airwaves, he quickly emerged as someone the kids there could look up to and say, "Hey, he made it!" So when Glenn came out of the closet, it wasn't simple or expected. He shattered expectations for Mormon musicians and did it with class. There were so many eyeballs on him, he knew that the only way to be a bigger inspiration to his community was by being true to himself.

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Dana Krangel