"Nerd Culture" Art Exhibition at Tate's Comics Presented by the Thought Coalition

When I first looked up Thought Coalition on Facebook, I wasn't sure what the group did. It almost sounded like some kind of secret, Fight Club society for the brain (Rule number 1: You do not talk about Thought Coalition). But after speaking with founder Gregory Dirr, I learned that Thought Coalition is a group of collaborating artists who exhibit together. They'll be having their "Further Adventures of the Thought Coalition" exhibition at none other than Tate's Comics' Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery -- arguably the most beloved comic book store in the Southeast.

With a heavy focus on "nerd culture" inspired by Tate's, it's an event that's sure to bring out your inner geek while feeding your artistic soul and your actual belly. Tasty vegan snacks courtesy of Half Baked Goods will be available, and if that's not your thing, salty snacks from Tate's, free beer, and wine will do you good. Dirr explained to New Times how to plan an art show about Tate's, brought to you by the Thought Coalition.

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Ashley Zimmerman