New Disqus Comments Section Kicks Captcha to the Curb

As much as County Grind would love to associate its comments section with the happy realm of online concert ticket purchases, that Captcha feature that made you type in a random series of garbled numbers and letters is gone. Captcha is released, unpenned, and unassociated with us anymore.

What comes instead to all blogs within the New Times Broward Palm Beach family is the fantastic Disqus platform. Read more about it here, if you wish. In short, this is a user-friendlier way to open up discussion about all of the various maladies of County Grind's list-making processes. Some additional benefits of the changeover are below.

Again, no Captcha:

New Disqus Comments Section Kicks Captcha to the Curb
You can login using a variety of social networking platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo are among them. A personalized profile can come along with this login, which will help you avoid the temptation to be completely anonymous when defending the merits of John Mayer.

Email updates: Disqus will email you whenever someone comments on a posting you have commented on.

Replies that are personal: Make it clear who gets the credit for that "well put" or "LOL."

Fast: No waiting for the thing to go up, which should eliminate a handful of double comments for the impatient ones among us.

So, please get started. We're eager to read your thoughts.


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