New DIY Venue H.O.M.E. - Helps Organize Music and Entertainment

Helping Organize Music Entertainment from Miami New Times on Vimeo.

The DIY venue movement is a growing phenomenon in Miami's urban core and suburbs. Maybe it's being spurred on by the current economic climate, or maybe people are just sick of the same old sameness of commercial nightlife. Whatever the case, here's another new spot that's embracing local music, art, skate, street, game and movie culture. It's called H.O.M.E. and proprietor Harry "El Marciano" Gamez is the brains behind the operation. Located on the Wynwood side of the 36th street boundary between Wynwood and Little Haiti, H.O.M.E. shares the building with Hellbound City Tattoos and is adding new life to a 36th street and NW 2nd Ave that's growing as a cultural hub.

Local bands who want to play, artists who want to be exhibited, promoters who wanna get down, or anybody that got something to say bout it should call 305-305-1803.

Experience live music with drinks and BBQ for cheap on Friday and Saturday nights at 254 NW 36 St.

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Jacob Katel