New Indie Night at American Rock Bar Features Boxwood and Casey Hopkins Duo

The musical void between Delray Beach's Dada and Fort Lauderdale's Green Room is being filled by a new indie night at Deerfield Beach's American Rock Bar and Grill. Northern Broward music fans, rest assured. You can now avoid traveling on I-95, at least for one night, and still catch a show with worthy, original local acts.

Aleks Violet Holubowic -- the former promotions director and current DJ on FIU's student-run radio station WRGP Radiate FM (95.3 FM at the Modesto Madique Campus, and 96.9 FM at the Biscayne Bay Campus) -- is heading up the booking for this new event. It's clear, listening to her radio show, Local Radiation, that this dedicated music devotee has a knack for picking out capable bands from South Florida.

For the inaugural Indie Nights at American Rock Bar and Grill, Holubowicz has slated the loop-pedal madness of Boxwood and the overmodulated sludgy blues of West Palm Beach's Casey Hopkins Duo. She thinks the venue has the perfect set-up to hosts bands but just hasn't had the proper know-how to book the right kind of groups. Until now.

She hopes to bring new drinks to the menu that share their names with local bands. American Rock Bar already does so with national acts on its food menu. You can satisfy your hearty musical and physical appetite with staples like the Black Flag, a half-pound Black Angus burger, and the Descendants, a barbecue Black Angus burger. Best part for you hungries out there: A full menu will be available until 2 a.m.

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There are also some killer drink specials, as any promising indie-dedicated music night should offer. Two-for-ones, PBR, and shots of Jameson for $6.50 and $1 beers from the "anything goes bucket" lead the way for those who enjoy a little libation with their live music.

Holubowicz says there will be two bands performing every week. Any bands interested in performing can contact her at americanrockbarbooking@gmail.com.

Sample the goods here:

Indie Music Nights At American Rock Bar and Grill, with Boxwood and the Casey Hopkins Duo happens at 9 p.m. Thursday, February 21. Admission is $5 for 21 plus and $10 for those under the legal age. For more information, visit americanrockbar.com.

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