New Kids on the Block Thrust Their Packages and Tongued the Crowd at BB&T Center, June 22

Imagine a gauntlet of the most adored boy bands of your generation. Let loose, arrows fly from the crossbows of sex appeal, billions of little pieces of confetti burst from cannons. Pyrotechnics rain down from the heavens, representing the passion of the twelve men on stage. Imagine this dozen singers waging a war on your love.

What really happened at the Package Tour at BB&T Center on Saturday wasn't exactly knight in shining armor type stuff (although there were two Knights in sequined black denim jackets at one point). No, what seemed like the much anticipated tour featuring Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and New Kids on the Block proved to be a lot less thrilling than one would imagine for a line up like this -- but then again, this isn't the eighties or the nineties (we double checked).

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C. Townsend Rizzo