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New Locos Por Juana Video, From Their Upcoming EP, Evolución

​We get to see an awful lot of Locos Por Juana around town, as they gig consistently, giving localvores frequent opportunities to catch them at favorite watering holes. But one shouldn't overlook the fact that, while they're extremely proud to rep the 305, they've extended their reach far beyond our city, to the tune of 2 Latin Grammy nods. And in appropriate fashion, they remain perpetually on the move, constantly tweaking, fine tuning, and experimenting with their own boundaries.

Case in point, their upcoming new EP, Evolución, where LPJ make damn good on the promise implicit. There'll be a full review to follow. But meanwhile, we wanted to give you a little taste. Check out this sweet vid for a drum and bass remix of "Plata o Plomo" done by S.H.I.E.L.D. and featuring Omniscient. It was directed, shot and edited by none other than Itagui himself, using--get this--his nifty new MacBook's HD camera. He actually went around holding the open laptop in front of him to shoot, and set it down to get in the shot! Band might start to think twice about dropping G's on video shoots.

As to some recent questions from readers who've noticed a couple of original members missing from the lineup, the members known as "Che Funk" and "El Chamo" have parted ways from the band, on amicable terms. You can still catch them with their Xperimento project. Feel free henceforth to officially view them as two completely separate, awesome bands you can see around Miami.

Now check out the vid!

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Christopher Lopez