New Rick Ross Tracks From God Forgives, I Don't Emerge

For the boisterous fan base of Rick Ross, it's almost like two suns rose in the sky today or the Wingstop delivery boy accidentally brought two orders. Making the rounds are a pair of new tracks that are reportedly part of the South Florida-bred rapper's fifth studio album, God Forgives, I Don't, which is due in December.

Since both seem to sound expensive and polished and they were debuted via Funkmaster Flex's site, there's considerable evidence to suggest that the Just Blaze-produced "I Love My Bitches" and "You the Boss" featuring Nicki Minaj will be on God Forgives. It's a ballsy move to unload a pair of high-profile tracks at once, but so's hanging out at Tate's Comics.

"Am I really just a narcissist/ 'cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?" is an excellent question if posed by anyone other than Rick Ross. On "I Love My Bitches," it seems like a moot point. With a bit of vocal squealing reverberating behind him, this track follows the formula of several successful Rawse tunes with constant brand repetition of the title. Message, message, message.


Courtesy of In Flex We Trust.

"You the Boss," which is looking to be the project's first single, is not going to become County Grind's favorite Rick Ross tune, however. The main reason: Nicki Minaj's feature is basically a red herring. She spends 90 percent of her time cooing on this lazy track and not enough time showcasing her lyrical wares. Guess that means we know who's boss here, but that's hardly enough. Ross has said that he'd like to work with Lionel Richie on this album, and that's what we're holding out for.

Courtesy of In Flex We Trust.

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