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New Venue Alert: Little Munich in Lake Worth

UPDATED: Steve Rullman has posted a statement regarding his new involvement with Little Munich (see below).

Big things are under way at Little Munich, the German eatery located in the 800 block of downtown Lake Worth. Several local musicians and others closely associated with the scene already embraced the space as a spot for dining and hanging out before performances at Propaganda, and the restaurant clearly likes the attention.

Little Munich has hosted occasional musical events such as the Big Trouble series, put on by John Sova's Damaged Disco, which turned the front corner of Little Munich into a stage (read our review of May's show featuring Love Handles, Xela Zaid, the Dewars, and Mike Harvey here), but numerous recent developments make the space look like it could be South Florida's indie-rock destination to be reckoned with very soon.

Although the restaurant/venue's website is currently down,

as memory serves, it used to be a simple page that posted the

Bavarian menu, info on the karaoke night, and directions to the

restaurant. Over on Facebook, though, the Little Munich presence is on the rise.

As of Thursday afternoon, 255 people are fans of "Little Munich (Dntn Lake Worth)", a new late-night menu

featuring a truncated list of the selections has been unveiled, a new

logo featuring a welcoming sunset and the tagline

"Fun.Friends.Music.Food.Bier" is now attached, and the page began

listing events last week.

The first event since this revamp was a concert featuring the Dewars, John Ralston, and Alphabet Soup,

which occurred Friday, August 6. The space in the back of Little

Munich's dining area that used to house a pool table now has an 18-inch

platform for a stage, but the fluorescent Miller Lite lamp still dangled

from the ceiling above on Friday. A sprinkling of a few dozen regulars,

local artists, and fans peopled the dining tables and booths. Behind the

long bar turning up the music between acts was the familiar dark hair swooped to the side and

tattooed arms of Christen Deerwester, formerly a manager/bartender at

Propaganda. Unlike its "indie-rock dive bar" of a neighbor,

Little Munich is a restaurant, so the smokers have to head outside to the tables and seats in front. Last Friday night, the lights were still conducive to dining, but a

familiar bearded face says that dimmers on the lighting, a sound system,

and some aesthetic changes are in the works.


Steve Rullman is now a contracted marketing consultant for Little Munich to help the dining

establishment make the transition to a full-on venue in the evenings.

Thankfully, much of the traditional German flags, signs, and an abomination of taxidermy will stay, but the front of the building will get some fresh paint. The idea is to make it more pleasing to the eye without losing its original charm. "We want to bring people into the space gradually and let them experience it for themselves," Rullman says. Cover prices will vary depending on the night.

Rullman exclusively confirms that his new agreement with Little Munich also comes with his tendering his resignation at Propaganda. "The owner offered a 'signing bonus' to stay on, but in the end, I decided that no amount of money was worth the weekly, daily hassles that I was forced to deal with," he says. "It's like you're running a marathon and you're getting tripped every quarter mile. I wanna finish the race someday." 

Gabi Doll-Kachler and her husband, Peter, are the owners. "They're interesting people," Rullman says. "They're from Germany, and she used to work/bounce in the discos [rock clubs] over there back in the '70s and early '80s... clubs that put on many big shows. There's a whole rock 'n' roll part of her that most don't know about. She's tough and seen it all."

Thus far, events on the horizon include this Saturday's show featuring area rockers Luna Rex and Thom Beals (from Yellow #6) and Rob Chaney; every other Wednesday will feature a movie night (this week's was Repo Man); and Miami's Lil Daggers will perform with Love Handles, Guy Harvey, and Deserter on August 28. Karaoke night is every Tuesday, and there are talks of incorporating viewings of local band videos in the future. Regardless of what's going on, though, the cuisine is awesome.

Rullman's full statement from The HoneyComb's e-mail newsletter:

It's been a very cool experience growing Propaganda into something special. Last Saturday, I soaked up the bands, the music, the crowd, the vibe and the energy one last time. I have put so much of myself into this room. I love it dearly and truly hoped to run it for twenty years or more and make amazing things happen in Lake Worth. Unfortunately, I have had to sever ties.

From day one it's been an ongoing struggle to get the owners to understand and appreciate what was building and to divert them from micro-managing everything. The things that I believe Propaganda came to represent --the bands, the music and the community at large-- aren't really important to them. This was just another project and bottom line profit is really all that mattered. Any time I was free to finally make bold moves, minds would change, promises were broken and contracts were breached.

I cannot live like this any longer. I wish the employees that I spent so much time with the absolute best... especially Justin and Mauricio who followed me to Prop after City Limits closed its doors. I hope to continue working with them in the future. I also must at least thank the owners for giving me the opportunity to test my longtime concept. It works. Come see us at Little Munich in downtown Little Munich in downtown Lake Worth. The stage is up, the lights are on, the sound is almost installed and the food is awesome!

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