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New York Vs. Florida Sound Clash

Anyone accustomed to the warring side of reggae should be familiar with the joy of sound clashes. Forget about the one-love vibe that Bob Marley preached, because sometimes the best part about dancehall culture is its competitive nature. For the uninitiated, sound clashes are when two reggae sound systems square off against each other, generally playing exclusive tracks to win over the crowd. Whichever DJ can drop the hardest and most popular dub plates throughout the clash is determined to be the winner. Bragging rights are what it usually comes down to, but this weekend, there´s a clash happening that has more at stake. Selectors Tek-9 and King Agony are flying in from New York and proposing that the Big Apple has the best sound system DJs. Local selectors Jah Cuban and Tampa´s Poison Dart disagree. The four sounds will trade off all night long in a New York Vs. Florida Sound Clash, which has been hyped on fliers and websites for weeks. It´s been a while since the area has had a proper sound clash, and if you´re unfamiliar with the culture, this is the one to check out.
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Jonathan Cunningham

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