Nickelback at BankAtlantic Center May 5

Try as the cool-kid establishment in various areas might, some things will always please millions without being inherently cool. Velveeta? Actually kind of delicious besides being processed to hell and not even remotely healthy. Three-camera sitcoms with canned laughter? Yes, even they have their moments. Nickelback? Well... The mere mention of a name may send an icy chill through hipster hearts, but try as critics might, the long-running Canadian act still goes strong. The foursome, led by Chad Kroger, has perfected a mass-appeal version of loud-soft, sing-along active rock that is just hard enough when it needs to be and relatively introspective when it needs to be. There are Nickelback songs for getting dumped and Nickelback songs for pounding shots at the bar — really, one for most of life's major events, all packaged in a way that's easy to grab. No, you won't find any kind of extreme technical playing flourishes or literate wordplay in the Nickelback oeuvre, but can a streak of multiplatinum albums signal something that's totally wrong?

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Arielle Castillo
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